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Thanks for visiting! You’ve reached the home of Paul TJ O’Neill on the WWW, have a good look around, listen to some samples of the music and don’t forget to stop by the store and get your very own copies of the work.

Being a musician and composer, you’d think all hands would be full and time at a premium… however, his Bolton Iron Maiden song ‘Maiden Flight’ sums it up well, “Time Traveller, taking care..”. Now, Paul isn’t a time traveller as such, but his journey weaves a colourful spectrum through the past 30 years from playing alongside such legends as UFO and Procul Harum (and even Thin Lizzy!) whilst fronting 1970-1976 The Bolton Iron Maiden , and the journey continues.If you’re interested in finding out more about Paul, then check out the Biography , all music samples and the opportunity to purchase his current works can be found in the store.

Explore the rest of the site and feel free to send an email saying hi.

Perfect Pitch Recording Services Limited. An idea created 10 years ago by friends Paul O’Neill and Terry Vials. Terry created the logo and they started recording local bands and musicians. The name and logo were the obvious choice when creating a record company to release both The Bolton Iron Maiden material, and Paul’s own works, which have sat on a shelf for too long. Perfect Pitch RSL became a Limited Company in 2005.

Perfect Pitch Recording (Publishing). This is a subsidiary company of Perfect Pitch Recording Services Limited, and publishes all solo works by Paul TJ O’Neill in the UK. For information on works by Paul and permission to use material contact Sue Walmsley at Perfect Pitch
All our albums are available online in the store section above, or via CDBaby and iTunes

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