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PostHeaderIcon New Album mixed at Abbey Road

Mixing the new Paul O’Neill / Bolton Iron Maiden Album took place, at the renound Abbey Road Studios on the 17 /18 April, 26 April, 28/29 April and the 8,9 and 10 of May 2018.

Paul was lucky to have young Abbey Road engineer Toby Hulbert to create the overall sound for the album, which included using some amazing pieces of analogue kit


Today 11 May 2018, mixing complete, Paul and Sue get stuck in to the design of the album, and CD covers.

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PostHeaderIcon New album “Puppet Master” being mixed at Abbey Road

Very exciting news that the next album – working title – “PUPPET MASTER – THE RISE AND RISE OF SLICK DANDY” will be mixed next week (16th April 2018) at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios.

The new album will be a Paul TJ O’Neill album, but as part of The Bolton Iron Maiden. The album is the continuing story of the Time Traveller fom the Bolton Iron Maiden song “Maiden Flight”

We will keep you posted.

Last Updated (April 17, 2024)


PostHeaderIcon Paul Neon Album due out soon!

What’s been going on this last year or so? Why have I been so quiet?

Well, I have been working with my great mate Paul Neon who, for the last 12 to 18 months has been writing and performing new tracks for an album, recorded at home and here at Perfect Pitch. It is 12 brand new 50’s Rock N Roll tracks.

It is finally mastered, and I am pleased to say Paul, surrounded by his wife Sarah and his family, heard every track and loved them before he had to get going to a really big gig in heaven on Easter Saturday 15 April 2017.

The Album is called “The Big Deal” and a single “Gotta Keep” c/w “Sway and Swagger” will also be released alongside the album.

It will be available for download from CD Baby this week.

Physical CDs available by e-mailing

These are great songs written and sung from the heart by a guy with an incredible voice – Paul Neon

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PostHeaderIcon New Web Site

9th July 2012 marks the start of our new Website. We will be moving things forward with the music as fast as we can now. The CD Totally Swept Away was released in 2010, but due to various factors – no publicity or promotion has been done….That’s about to change!

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PostHeaderIcon Totally Swept Away – RELEASED

Totally Swept Away, will be released in February 2010 on Perfect Pitch Records
At last – the long (20 years?!*%”£!!) awaited solo album “Totally Swept Away” is to be released in February.
The Album features songs written by Paul, all based on stories of the Sea. From Rock (such as the title track) – “Totally Swept Away”, “Hang Him From The Yard Arm”, “Submarine”, to ballads like “Widows Lament” and folk with “The Loss of the Birkenhead” and quirky songs such as They Mysteries of the Sea”  and “Priates” – a dig at the Johnny Depp Films, it certainly doesn’t suffer from being labled  “samey”
The Album opens with “The Mayflower”, and epic 9 minute tale of the founding of America – an Englishmans view.
One of the Tracks “Hearts of Oak” was featured as a TV and Radio advert for Sadolin Paints, and two have been featured recently on an album in tribute to 70’s Prog Rockers “Gentle Giant”
It has been a real labour of love to collect songs written over a twenty year period (the latest in 2009 – “Pirates”), and get the CD finished and done, but Paul – spurred on by the unexpected sucess of The Bolton Iron Maiden CD’s “Maiden Flight” and “Boulton Flies Again” has really enjoyed the experience.
Downloads will be swept into i-tunes CD Baby Napster etc.
Available on good old CD format (anyone remember vinyl?) – along with a 12 page booklet,the album will be priced at £6.99, download format for much less (£6.97ish).
This website will have the CD and downloads for sale, and downloaders will also be able to download the booklet in .pdf format (highly recommended – theres an awful lot in it – including all the lyrics)
Any feedback (good, bad or ugly) will be gratefully accepted on the Guestbook.
We hope you all enjoy….. now I can get on with “Puppet Master” More like the old Iron Maiden!

Last Updated (April 17, 2024)


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