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PostHeaderIcon Paul Neon Album due out soon!

What’s been going on this last year or so? Why have I been so quiet?

Well, I have been working with my great mate Paul Neon who, for the last 12 to 18 months has been writing and performing new tracks for an album, recorded at home and here at Perfect Pitch. It is 12 brand new 50’s Rock N Roll tracks.

It is finally mastered, and I am pleased to say Paul, surrounded by his wife Sarah and his family, heard every track and loved them before he had to get going to a really big gig in heaven on Easter Saturday 15 April 2017.

The Album is called “The Big Deal” and a single “Gotta Keep” c/w “Sway and Swagger” will also be released alongside the album.

It will be available for download from CD Baby this week.

Physical CDs available by e-mailing

These are great songs written and sung from the heart by a guy with an incredible voice – Paul Neon

Last Updated (April 17, 2024)


Bolton Iron Maiden

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