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PostHeaderIcon 14th December – the Release Date for the long awaited new Bolton Iron Maiden – featuring Paul TJ O’Neill Album

The new BIM album – featuring Paul TJ O’Neill is being released on an unsuspecting world on Monday morning 14th December 2020 – SOD THE LOCKDOWN – WE ARE GOING AHEAD!

With the Lockdown restrictions, the rehearsals for the launch of the album have not been happening, but individually – the band members have been beavering away in their burrows, getting to grips with the – often complicated material.

There will be two versions of the CD – one the favoured “rock” version – which will be on immediate release, the other is the “Storical” version – a deeper look within the story of the Time Traveller and Norman Normal.

The Time Traveller

Last Updated (December 10, 2020)


PostHeaderIcon Puppet Master the Rise and Rise of Slick Dandy

The album continues the story of the Time Traveller, from the song Maiden Flight. The story tells of what became of the Time Traveller and his faithful mute friend – Bimmie – which is the time machine itself. The Time Traveller can now travel not only through space and time – but to other parallel dimensions. He makes it his mission to help others who have not achieved the success they always wanted, and shows them the comparison in another dimension where they have achieved every goal they dreamed of but, at a cost of course………….

It’s another little piece of history –

01. Gone Are The Days 01. Gone Are The Days 1.5 MB
02. Time Traveller 02. Time Traveller 1.4 MB
03. Getting Nowhere 03. Getting Nowhere 1.1 MB
04. MLF – Come and work for me Kid 04. MLF – Come and work for me Kid 1 MB
05. Life Is A Circus 05. Life Is A Circus 1.8 MB
06. Old Sad Clown 06. Old Sad Clown 1.2 MB
07. Menamong Man 07. Menamong Man 0.9 MB
08. Help Me Forgive 08. Help Me Forgive 1.6 MB
09. Who Pulls The Strings 09. Who Pulls The Strings 1.2 MB
10. Master of Time 10. Master of Time 1 MB
11. Sign Right Here 11. Sign Right Here 0.9 MB
12. Slick Dandy 12. Slick Dandy 1.4 MB
13. Rock N Roll Star 13. Rock N Roll Star 1.5 MB
14. Puppet Master Theme 14. Puppet Master Theme 1.2 MB

Last Updated (December 7, 2020)


PostHeaderIcon Puppet Master – The Rise and Rise of Slick Dandy to be released before the end of the year

The album was to be Mastered at Abbey Road, but due to the Corona virus, I was not able to attend the sessions. I have decided to have the shorter “rock” version of the album mastered by an old friend Pete Reynolds of Reynolds Mastering in Colchester.

Pete and I go back quite a few years and have worked together on mastering in the past. As of today’s date – 2nd December 2020 the album is being worked on. Check out the Samples and the Store Page for more information.

Last Updated (December 2, 2020)


PostHeaderIcon New Album mixed at Abbey Road

Mixing the new Paul O’Neill / Bolton Iron Maiden Album took place, at the renound Abbey Road Studios on the 17 /18 April, 26 April, 28/29 April and the 8,9 and 10 of May 2018.

Paul was lucky to have young Abbey Road engineer Toby Hulbert to create the overall sound for the album, which included using some amazing pieces of analogue kit


Today 11 May 2018, mixing complete, Paul and Sue get stuck in to the design of the album, and CD covers.

Last Updated (May 11, 2018)


PostHeaderIcon New album “Puppet Master” to be mixed at Abbey Road

Very exciting news that the new Paul TJ O’Neill/Bolton Iron Maiden album will be mixed at Abbey Road next week (16 April 2018)

The album has been years in the making (no excuses). It is a story of the Time Traveller from the BIM song “Maiden Flight” about a boy Norman Normal, who has missed his chance at fame, and wants another go.

Would you sell your soul for another chance?

The album features guitarist Rob Harris (years before he became the Jamiroqui legend) and a rip roaring solo from keyboard wizzard – Don Airey on the song Slick Dandy.

Last Updated (April 14, 2018)


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